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CyberSafe participated in the “I Jornadas pela Segurança”, an event organized by “Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa” and hosted at Convento de Santos-o-Novo, in Lisboa, Portugal, that aims to promote the public discussion about Security in different areas, such as people and assets security, security at work, environmental security, food or information security.

CyberSafe contributed to the event with a presentation about the Security Operations Centers (SOC). Besides presenting briefly, the several SOC concepts, CyberSafe speaker Nelson Silva detailed the characteristics to build an efficient SOC: the use of several technologies, people’s role and processes.

This presentation complemented the previous ones, about the new European Regulation to personal data protection (by Dr. David Marques, from AP2SI – The Portuguese Association to Information Security) and Cybercrime (by Chief inspector Rogério Bravo, from Policia Judiciária – The Cybercrime Unit of the Portuguese Police).

This discussion ended with some points of view about the future of security (by Dr. Rui Barata Ribeiro from IBM Security).

If you want to learn more about SOCs please contact us.

CyberSafe and Hewlett Packard Enterprise organized a Business Breakfast on Data Security named “How to Manage Data Privacy and be Compliant with Regulation”. The event was hosted in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s main office in Quinta da Fonte, Portugal.

With ever-increasing competitive and cost pressures, enterprises are driving toward greater use of cloud services and Big Data analytics to extract more value from corporate and customer information. At the same time, concerns for effective enterprise data security and privacy and compliance with privacy or UE regulations can often cause delays in adoption of these valuable technologies.

In this breakfast, we showed how HPE SecureData and SecureMail Enterprise solutions provide a comprehensive approach to enterprise data protection and solve the issue of advanced threats attacking data as it is stored, processed and moved across different systems end-to-end, without the need to expose live data in the gaps between or across systems.

With participants from medium to big companies of several vertical sectors, as banking, insurance, retail, government, health and gambling we had very interesting interactive discussions on data security.

If you want to learn more about data security or HPE solutions SecureData and SecureMail please contact us.

CyberSafe participated in the 2016 edition of the TSI.2.Market event hosted by Universidade do Minho.

The TSI.2.Market is an annual event that aims to promote student integration in the work market, offering a space for experience sharing and reflecting on themes and profiles within Information Systems (IS), as well as the promotion of partnership opportunities in several companies in the field of Information Systems and Technologies (IST).

The event took place in the Engineering School, Azurém Campus at Minho’s University, on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April 2016, involving all cycles of studies from the TSI@UMinho universe.


Nelson’s presentation was quite relevant and interesting not only in terms of information but also in terms of the presentation itself. It was a simple presentation, he didn’t use a lot of over complicated “technical” terms, and it wasn’t too exhaustive or too detailed as sometimes happens in presentations where the audience quickly loses interest. It was really useful personally, as it made me realize that Security is the area where I should build my professional carrier. In the end of the presentation I talked with Nelson, and we’ve exchanged some ideas and impressions for 30 minutes, he was very attentive and very available to help with anything.

(Emanuel Palmeira –MEGSI student at U.Minho)

The presence of CyberSafe at TSI2Market was a great advantage to me, because it showed me that following a professional career in the security area can be a promising opportunity. As a student, and considering that this is an area of interest to me, it was really motivating listen to Nelson Silva’s testimony about how is working in the informatic security area. TSI2Market is a huge opportunity that students have to make contacts with professionals of the labor market, so, I believe that it was really important for us, as students, to learn more about an area where you can invest for your future.

(Márcio Miranda –TSI student at U. Minho)

In my opinion the CyberSafe presentation, made by Nelson Silva, was one of TSI2Market most important moments. First of all because in this stage of our lives as students, we are still a little confused about the area where we should focus our career and second because Nelson’s testimony clarified many doubts that appear in this phase regarding the work market. It was very good to have contact with a professional in the Security area as this is a very interesting area for me personally and that I believe will bring a good and promising future in the field of information technology.

(Vanessa Pessoa –MEGSI student at U. Minho)

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