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CyberSafe is a company committed to its corporate social responsibility and actively collaborates in the green transition process towards a more sustainable economic growth, always in compliance with European directives and ESG guidelines.

We are committed to integrating ESG criteria into our organization, and we comply with and promote the best business and sustainable practices, on a daily basis, in order to meet global targets.


ESG Indicators Reporting: Environment / Social / Governance

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We are committed to the Protection and Preservation of the Environment and always seek to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, products and services.

When we chose a space for our company, we opted for an office center, where corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth are also a priority.

We promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources:

• In the office center of our headquarters there is photovoltaic energy production for self-consumption;

• In terms of service vehicles, the directive is to use electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles as a second alternative, as fast chargers for electric vehicles are available in the office center parking lot;

• We have replaced all office lighting with LED bulbs, in order to minimize electrical consumption and improve comfort for employees;

• Where possible, we work remotely, thereby reducing unnecessary travel and our carbon footprint.

We properly manage e-waste and promote recycling:

• Recycling of waste (e.g. toners), proper treatment of e-waste by certified supplier, separation of cardboard packaging from hardware manufacturers, use of cardboard cups;

• We only print what is really necessary and always favor the use of digital repositories in our operations.

We promote environmental awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers.

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We are committed to Respecting Human Rights in all our operations and we promote diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion in our company.

In CyberSafe's internal recruitment process, we take into consideration the right to equal opportunities and treatment, with regard to access to employment, training and promotion, professional careers and working conditions.

Employees and job applicants may not be privileged, benefited, disadvantaged, deprived of any right or exempted from any duty on the grounds of: Age; Sex; Sexual orientation; Nationality; Ethnic origin or race; Territory of origin; Language; Religion; Political or ideological convictions.

We ensure adequate and safe working conditions for our employees:

• The office park has excellent access and is well served by public transportation, and has plenty of green and leisure spaces;

• We carry out annual HST assessments to ensure that working conditions are in line with current legislation and best practice;

• Alfrapark has a heliport for medical emergencies.


We foster the professional and personal development of our employees by promoting continuous training actions:

• We provide continuous training to our employees, covering various areas, from cybersecurity to more focused training on particular solutions or products;

• We encourage our employees to continuously improve and promote a high level of specialization, leveraging their career progression.


We contribute to the welfare of the communities where we operate through social initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs:

• We have been continuously collaborating with the local Job Center to provide internships for young people and unemployed people;

• Whenever possible, we seek to contribute to the employability of the community where we operate.

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We are committed to Ethics and Transparency in all our activities:

• We have established a strong and effective governance structure;

• We comply with applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions where we operate;

• We maintain clear and open communication with our employees and in all professional relationships we establish with partners, suppliers and external entities.

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