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CyberSafe participated in the “CPX Portugal 2018”

CyberSafe participated in the “CPX Portugal 2018”, an event organized by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the world’s largest security specialist.

The event was attended by over 400 participants and had more than 30 technical conferences and sessions, which addressed a more global vision of security and workshops on the products of this manufacturer and its partners.

CyberSafe was present and participated with a session about the new european NIS Directive (Network and Infrastructure Systems Security), a new challenge for essential services operators and digital services, presented by Dinis Fernandes, Executive Manager, CyberSafe.

This edition had more participants and sponsors than the previous ones, Check Point once again wanted to involve other manufacturers and partners with something important to say about cybersecurity, considering that collaboration is key to fighting cybercrime and knowing that alone no one wins this war. “We did not want an event just to talk about our products and services. In fact, the challenge was to talk about cybersecurity, which is really what matters to companies, “said Rui Duro, Sales Manager of Check Point for Portugal.

If you want to learn more about NIS Directive and how to prepare your organization, namely our NIS Directive Preparedness Assessment, and solutions and services to address NIS Directive requirements, please contact us.


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