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Total Cloud Security

Cybersafe can help optimize and strengthen Cloud Security with the Qualys TotalCloud solution.

In the age of digital transformation, cloud security is more critical than ever. Qualys' TotalCloud solution is designed to offer unrivaled visibility, accurate vulnerability assessment and continuous compliance, all from a unified platform.

Key Features:

Complete Visibility: Get a comprehensive view of all your cloud resources, including assets in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, to effectively manage and protect your digital assets.

Vulnerability Assessment: Use the most advanced scanning technology to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of exposure to cyber threats.

Simplified Compliance: Ensure compliance with international standards and regulations through automated assessments and detailed reports that facilitate auditing.

Security Configuration Management: Implement security and compliance best practices, with configuration checks that ensure protection against incorrect or insecure configurations.

Technical Benefits:

Security Automation: Reduce the time and effort required to manage cloud security with automated processes that scale as your infrastructure grows.

Improved Detection and Response: Accelerate threat detection and incident response with actionable insights and integration with SIEM and SOAR tools.

Operational Efficiency: Optimize vulnerability management and compliance with a unified dashboard that provides a clear view of your cloud's security posture.

Integration with Existing Ecosystems:

Qualys' TotalCloud solution integrates seamlessly with existing ecosystems, including cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and supports robust APIs for customization and automation.

To find out more about Qualys' TotalCloud solution, talk to us. We are here to help improve your organization's cybersecurity.


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