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PARTNERSHIP WITH DELINEA: Our Solutions Against Malicious Attacks

Did you know that your company's privileged accounts are the easiest and most permeable target for malicious attacks?

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital operations, the adoption of digital applications and the cloud has reshaped business models in all sectors. The evolution of the business model, coupled with the pandemic-induced shift towards more diverse ways of working, has led to the proliferation of privileged identities between human and non-human users.

The gateway to cyber attacks.

These privileged access points are vulnerable entrances to hacker attacks and have become the target of cyber attacks. The number of successful cyber attacks resulting from the exploitation of privileged access credentials is increasingly significant. As a result, the surface of cyber attacks among organizations creates a complex challenge of managing large-scale identities and privileged access while ensuring the security of the entire IT infrastructure.

Data and credential breaches.

Research shows that in almost all major data breaches, access to sensitive data occurred with a compromised endpoint and compromised privileged credentials. Therefore, to protect an organization's confidential data, it must defend both its endpoints and its privileged credentials.

Delinea solution for greater protection.

Delinea is the leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions, which make companies' security more robust in the face of cyber attacks.

Delinea solutions empower organizations to protect critical data, devices, code, infrastructure and the cloud in order to reduce risk, ensure compliance and simplify security. Delinea eliminates complexity and sets access limits for thousands of customers around the world, including more than half of the Fortune 100.

If you're interested in learning more about Delinea's products, talk to us. We're here to make your organization more secure.


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