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New partnership with SECUREFLAG

CyberSafe announces its new partnership with SecureFlag, the leading 24x7 SaaS platform for Secure Programming Training, created specifically for Developers, DevOps Professionals and QA Engineers.

Why choose SecureFlag?

- Cybersecurity experts: Up-to-date and comprehensive content developed by a team of leading cybersecurity experts.

- Hands-on learning: Simulation of real-world scenarios to apply secure programming principles and gain valuable experience.

- Interactivity: Engaging training sessions with gamification, quizzes and challenges to improve understanding and knowledge retention.

- Personalized courses: Courses tailored to your needs and level of competence.

- Comprehensive coverage: From secure programming practices to configuration management and threat modeling.

- Continuous updates: The platform is constantly updated to reflect best practices and emerging trends.

- Certifications and progress tracking: Receive recognized certifications and track your progress in developing secure programming skills.

Start your journey into secure programming with SecureFlag now!

Talk to CyberSafe to explore the courses, learn more about the features and sign up for a free trial.

Security is essential. Choose SecureFlag and protect your software applications.


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