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New Partnership with Akamai: Microsegmentation

CyberSafe has established a strategic partnership with Akamai, a company with a diverse offering ranging from Cloud Computing, Security (Application and API Security, Zero Trust, DDoS protection, and fraud protection) and Content Delivery (CDN).

Thanks to its innovative approach to Zero Trust Microsegmentation, Akamai was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Microsegmentation report (Q1 2022).

Leading Solution

Microsegmentation is a highly recommended cybersecurity practice that has numerous advantages over more established approaches such as network segmentation and application segmentation.

Akamai's solution is the simplest, fastest, and most intuitive way to apply Zero Trust principles to your organization's network.

To learn more about how Zero Trust micro segmentation can help strengthen your organization's cybersecurity, please contact us.


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