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CyberSafe participated in the “3rd eHealth Security Conference”

CyberSafe participated in the “3rd eHealth Security Conference”, an event organized by ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) with the Portuguese Ministry of Health Shared Services Directorate (SPMS).

ENISA organized a workshop on eHealth Security. The workshop was a full-day event that took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Having in mind that “Information security is a matter for all”, the 3rd eHealth (eHealth) security conference focused on cybersecurity and their different dimensions and levels of action. The conference had more than 20 speakers, mostly international specialists on health, cybersecurity and technology.

This event focused on the aspects related to the implementation of the NIS Directive by the EU Member States, specifically for the Healthcare sector, and highlighted practices regarding the identification of operators of essential services, the collection of baseline security measures and incident notification.

Under discussion have been topics related with security of medical devices, emerging technologies that support the eHealth, as the Cloud in Healthcare, Smart Healthcare and regulatory provisions for hospitals. The aim of this workshop was to share knowledge and provide basic security measures for adoption of good practices.

CyberSafe that recently was awarded to be included on the Framework Agreement on Cybersecurity in the Health Area in Portugal lead by SPMS, participated on this event showing its portfolio of solutions and services to address the Health sector needs in terms of cybersecurity, namely its NIS Directive Preparedness Assessment consulting service, its Security Operations Center (SOC) Services, solutions to address Advanced Persistent Threats protection, solutions to address GDPR, and more.

If you are interested to learn more about NIS Directive and how to prepare your organization, please contact us.


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