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Cybersafe organized a Webinar about its Security Assessment Services

The webinar was guided by Dinis Fernandes, Executive Manager at Cybersafe and counted with the presence of Nelson Silva, Technical Manager at Cybersafe, Rui Almeida and Fábio Ferreira Senior Security Engineers at Cybersafe.

The core topic of this Webinar was to explain the need and benefits of conducting a Security Assessment.

A Security Assessment aims to keep your systems and policies up to date by periodically testing your organization’s security, resulting in recommendations to reduce the risk of future cyber-attacks and intrusions. When contracting a Security Assessment Service, you might choose one or several from the following set of services: AD Security Assessment, Pentesting, Firewall Security Assessment Posture, Maturity Assessment / Compliance (ISO27001, ISO22301, CIS Critical Security Controls, NIST-800-53, NIST-800-82, NIS Directive, GDPR, and more).

There were present about 40 attendees from different vertical sectors, to whom Cybersafe would like to thank their presence.

If you are interested to learn more about Security Assessment Services and how it helps your organization, please contact us.


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