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Business Breakfast on Data Security

CyberSafe and Hewlett Packard Enterprise organized a Business Breakfast on Data Security named “How to Manage Data Privacy and be Compliant with Regulation”. The event was hosted in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s main office in Quinta da Fonte, Portugal.

With ever-increasing competitive and cost pressures, enterprises are driving toward greater use of cloud services and Big Data analytics to extract more value from corporate and customer information. At the same time, concerns for effective enterprise data security and privacy and compliance with privacy or UE regulations can often cause delays in adoption of these valuable technologies.

In this breakfast, we showed how HPE SecureData and SecureMail Enterprise solutions provide a comprehensive approach to enterprise data protection and solve the issue of advanced threats attacking data as it is stored, processed and moved across different systems end-to-end, without the need to expose live data in the gaps between or across systems.

With participants from medium to big companies of several vertical sectors, as banking, insurance, retail, government, health and gambling we had very interesting interactive discussions on data security.

If you want to learn more about data security or HPE solutions SecureData and SecureMail please contact us.


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