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Blueliv – Blueliv is one of Europe’s leading cyberthreat intelligence providers. Blueliv scours the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence, delivered through a pay-as-you-need, bespoke modular interface. Data Leakage module, discover if your organization’s sensitive documents have been leaked on the internet, deep web or P2P networks. Domain Protection module combats both phishing and cybersquatting attacks by proactively detecting attempts to acquire sensitive information. Dark Web module search and track malicious activities on the Dark Web. Malware module allows you to detect malware seeking to steal sensitive information or commit fraud. Credit Cards module, especially helpful for organizations in the financial sector, can dramatically reduce losses from theft and fraud of credit cards. Mobile Apps module specializes in detecting applications claiming affiliation to your organization or using company assets without authorization. Credentials module provides actionable intelligence around leaked, stolen and sold user credentials. We find the compromised credentials in real-time on the open, deep and Dark Web, along with information about relevant malware used to steal the information. Hacktivism module tracks and monitors hacktivist operations and exploits that can affect your infrastructure. Social Media module monitor your organization’s digital footprint on social networks and search engines. Find websites not authorized to use your brands, logos, assets claiming partnership affiliation assets and more, so you can take proactive steps to shut them down.