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CyberSafe participated in the “II Jornadas pela Segurança”

CyberSafe participated in the “II Jornadas pela Segurança”, an event organized by “Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa”.

The focus of this second edition of “Jornadas pela Segurança” was the importance of prevention on safety and security, for organizational sustainability. This event counted with participation of the several departments of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Lídio Lopes, director of the Security Management Office (GGS) showed an “undisputed satisfaction” with the realization of this second edition that counted with a “set of quality stakeholders” that will guarantee “the success of this second edition Jornadas pela Segurança”. The director of GGS also stressed that we should “always be prepared for the worst, always wishing the best” reminding those present in the room that efforts for a safer organization “it only makes sense if all elements are integrated into the same action, if all are coordinated “.

The need for investment in security to avoid higher costs and problems, as well as the sharing of good practices and difficulties in the implementation of security objectives among various entities, was the aim for this second edition.

CyberSafe was present and contributed to the event with a presentation about the “Protection Against Advanced Security Threats” performed by Dinis Fernandes, Executive Manager, CyberSafe. Some examples of international and national phishing attacks have been shown, and some recommendations and guidance was shared either regarding the awareness with end-users with regard to the distinction between honest communications and elaborate forms of social engineering for money and data extraction, and either regarding the technological measures and solutions that must be used to detect and block advanced malware that was designed to evade traditional cybersecurity solutions.

If you are interested to learn more about how to protect your organization against advanced threats, ransomware and common malware, please contact us.


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