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CyberSafe participated in the “I Jornadas pela Segurança”

CyberSafe participated in the “I Jornadas pela Segurança”, an event organized by “Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa” and hosted at Convento de Santos-o-Novo, in Lisboa, Portugal, that aims to promote the public discussion about Security in different areas, such as people and assets security, security at work, environmental security, food or information security.

CyberSafe contributed to the event with a presentation about the Security Operations Centers (SOC). Besides presenting briefly, the several SOC concepts, CyberSafe speaker Nelson Silva detailed the characteristics to build an efficient SOC: the use of several technologies, people’s role and processes.

This presentation complemented the previous ones, about the new European Regulation to personal data protection (by Dr. David Marques, from AP2SI – The Portuguese Association to Information Security) and Cybercrime (by Chief inspector Rogério Bravo, from Policia Judiciária – The Cybercrime Unit of the Portuguese Police).

This discussion ended with some points of view about the future of security (by Dr. Rui Barata Ribeiro from IBM Security).

If you want to learn more about SOCs please contact us.


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